About us

About us

Right Mind-set with good Coaching

This unique method of Personal Improvement was developed by the brothers:

  • Francisco Richardson
  • Berti Richardson

Former elite athletes with a large track record as coach and trainer in sports, weight loss and behavioral change. Through their years of experience and talent, they are able to bring you to the right Mind-set and hold them: based on their own will and strength. Good Coaching makes all the difference. Not only in high Level sport but also in everyday life.

About you

Tailor-made trajectory for companies and individuals

Is your company looking for an upgrade to cope with existing challenges? Is absenteeism within your company too high? Do communication problems between colleagues cause decreased productivity?

Do you want to get rid of a burnout? Are you looking for communicative skills that help you to get ahead in your work? Or are you overweight, have you tried everything and are you looking for help in achieving a healthier lifestyle?

A good intake ensures that relevant conditions are mapped and the path to your goal becomes clear.

For more information , go to business improvement  or personal improvement.


Curious what others think of our services?

Francisco is a perfect personal development coach because you are having fun and he makes you to work hard (no way to escape this part). I trust his knowledge in sports, dietary and human nature which together with his friendliness, positive energy and enthusiasm gives you no other way as to achieve your life-goals and to become a better version of yourself.

Darya Sinitsyna

Director HR Albert Heijn

Recently participated in a group program of Francisco and his partner Berti. In addition to theory and insights, these professionals help to tap into your strengths. Which helps you with  their help you quickly feel strong, fit and good! Great job

Suzanne Jungjohann