Exclusive ‚ÄúLifestyle change”

Lifestyle change

Each quarter, two participants can enter. In order to participate in this exclusive program, the following points are of great importance.

  • Realizing that change is needed.
  • Having a clear desire for change.
  • Be prepared to look critically at your way of life.
  • Get started with your trainer for three months, three times a week.

The content of this program is tailor-made and includes the three main elements: behavior, nutrition and training. Your objective will be made clear, discussed and evaluated in detail with you. With your personal behaviour profile, the work points are made concrete and we start to achieve your lifestyle change.


  • Behavioural profile
  • Nutrition schedule
  • Training schedule
  • Objective overview
  • Work plan
  • Guidance

Where do we work towards

  • A healthy balance in which your goal is made measurable and achievable.
  • An upgrade of your chosen areas of life to the desired result.


  • Burnout/ stress reduction
  • Communication improvement
  • Balance relaxation, work, family, health
  • DISC Training
  • Pitfall support


  • Personal improvement program
  • Personal training
  • Workout app
  • Measure and weigh moments
  • Evaluations


  • Personal nutrition coach
  • Nutrition program
  • Nutrition app
  • Recipes

Non-committal consultation

Request a non-binding consultation and let us personalize your request.