This site is built using with the help of our customers.
In the pictures you will see a number of actual customers of personal improvement who are model for our different services and like to share their experience with you in this way.
The photos are also made by a customer of ours with a particular success story.
With this we would like to thank our customers for their trust in us and the contributions to the website.


Francisco en Berti Richardson

Director HR Albert Heijn

Recently participated in a group program of Francisco and his partner Berti. In addition to theory and insights, these professionals help to tap into your strengths. Which helps you with  their help you quickly feel strong, fit and good! Great job

Suzanne Jungjohann

Francisco is a perfect personal development coach because you are having fun and he makes you to work hard (no way to escape this part). I trust his knowledge in sports, dietary and human nature which together with his friendliness, positive energy and enthusiasm gives you no other way as to achieve your life-goals and to become a better version of yourself.

Darya Sinitsyna

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