Business Improvement

We provide training for companies that want to get more efficiency from their employees.
This can include improving communication, lowering absenteeism caused by illness or stress/burnt-out complaints.
We provide once only or projectory-training.
This can range from one-on-one training, to groups up to 20 persons.
The costs depend on the size of the group,  the choice of customization or a fixed package.
Choose 1 of the programs. If you want more information, ask for a free consultation.

Personal Improvement

Upgrade yourself: Behavior/Exercise/Nutrition; The core  of good health. Our programs aim to help you achieve your goal. The possibilities are extensive. For more information request a free consultation.


Learn and perform. Become an expert in your chosen work area. Our Teaching-method distinguishes itself by putting the focus on your objective and creating a personal learning path to it.

As DISC specialists we believe in a customer-oriented teaching methodology and we apply it in our courses.

Free consultation

Request your free consultation and we will come to a suitable offer during this meeting.