Steve Huot, CEO The 4 Winds

We hired Francisco for a DISC assessment at a corporate team building event. It could not have gone better; he’s an excellent presenter with deep knowledge on the subject. Each of us learned more about ourselves and even more, learned how to better understand each other and improve our work together as a team. We all left motivated and since the event I’ve noticed our interdepartmental relationships and productivity in meetings significantly improved. And as a leader I have new ideas to put into practice. Will certainly hire Francisco again for his guidance to take our DISC studies further still! Thank you Francisco.

Steve Huot

Francisco is a perfect personal development coach because you are having fun and he makes you to work hard (no way to escape this part). I trust his knowledge in sports, dietary and human nature which together with his friendliness, positive energy and enthusiasm gives you no other way as to achieve your life-goals and to become a better version of yourself.

Darya Sinitsyna

I have been training with Fransesco for 2 years to give myself a boost in High Intensity Training and Strenght. Fransesco drafted a program based on that with a lot of variety. The sessions were very good, well organized and intens. Also he knows to push you to the limit but also pays attention to what works best for you. Also he is flexible where he can and adaptive on his program (when I had light muscle injury neck – not through him ?) I would recommend him and his method.

Rewi Rambhadjan

The compliment I can give to Francisco in words will never be enough as he has helped me reach a level of fitness and strength I could never have imagined. If you show passion to succeed and try, anyone can train and be fitter. This is the level of confidence Francisco gives you.
Thank you Francisco and let’s keep going as you say!

Alpa Khanna

Have been training with Francisco for a couple of years already.
The idea was to learn from a pro by attending a few sessions, but Francisco manages to keep the training sessions challenging and interesting. I never had a dull training and was always exhausted yet satisfied. He listens to you and your goals, while motivating you to push the boundaries, but never forgets the most important thing: sport is supposed to increase health / fitness; he knows what I am capable of without hurting myself in the process!
Highly recommended and suitable for all levels of fitness / age. I’ve seen him give Zumba class, followed by an hour of high intensity boxing, then he trained an older person to increase his stability, and then finished it off training a 100kg muscle man. I’m telling you, this guy can do it all!

Hon-Cheung Man

Director HR Albert Heijn

Recently participated in a group program of Francisco and his partner Berti. In addition to theory and insights, these professionals help to tap into your strengths. Which helps you with  their help you quickly feel strong, fit and good! Great job

Suzanne Jungjohann


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