Lifestyle Change

  • “Establish a healthy balance where your goal becomes measurable and achievable.”
  • “Enhance the areas of life you’ve identified to achieve the desired outcome.”

What do you need?

“A lifestyle transformation begins with the desire for change. This sets the stage for a thorough analysis of challenges and the approach to behavior. As an experienced DISC behavior specialist, I help you identify specific focal points and together we create a concrete change plan. During an intensive guidance of 3 months, we develop clear tools and a structured treatment plan, tailored to your unique behavioral profile.”

“Lifestyle change”

“This exclusive program accommodates a maximum of two participants per quarter. To participate in this program, the following points are crucial:

  • Awareness of the need for change.
  • A clear desire to change.
  • Willingness to critically examine your lifestyle.
  • Commitment to work with your coach at least 1 to 3 times per week for three months, depending on your goal.

The program is fully tailored to your needs and focuses on the elements you have chosen. Your goal is clearly defined, thoroughly discussed, and regularly evaluated. Using your personalized behavior profile, we identify specific areas for improvement and actively work towards realizing your lifestyle change.”



Here are some examples of coaching topics:

Non-binding consultation

“Request a non-binding consultation and let us tailor your inquiry.”